ATW Tech Demos Revision 9 released!

Adequately titled “Years Late”, the latest release finally puts ATW development back on track. It also marks the beginning of a big “quality pass” that will transform the simple tech demos into full-blown scenarios that are actually fun to play.

Consequently, this version only includes the station defense scenario, previously known as “demo 1”, albeit in two different variants. The remaining demos will come back as scenarios in subsequent releases.

Download links

  1. 🠯 for Windows 
  2. 🠯 for Linux

Download size: ~350MB

What comes next?

The current scope is to do a quality pass on the capital ship scenario (previously known as demo 3). I’d like to redesign this scenario to have more strategic depth, a bigger playing area, and some allied ships that can be commanded from the map screen. As always, I make no promises for the release date, but hopefully less than three years 😅

What if I want to play the other scenarios?

The previous version from 2019 has all three scenarios, and can be downloaded here:
🠯 for Windows | 🠯 for Linux | 🠯 for Mac ) [~120MB]

Where’s the Mac version?

The Mac version is no longer being actively released due to lack of interest. If you’d like to play ATW on a Mac, please let me know and I’ll build it for you.

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