ATW News 2020-08-18

Progress is slow but steady.

A map with RTS-like controls for allied ships is the main new feature. Making sure that various things work well with map (for example the nebula from Exploration Demo) is taking more time than anticipated.

I made a new “Command Demo” to showcase the map feature. It has the player use a small fleet to protect several unarmed ships that explore a star system. I’m not happy with how it turned out gameplay-wise, and now I’m considering extending the Starship Battle Demo with tactical elements instead.

Another big thing going on is integration with a graphics toolkit for greatly improved visuals of planets and the outer space. Also, some better music.

I’d like to make a new gameplay video soon, as the 2019 one is becoming quite outdated.

Missiles are next in the queue. I’m looking forward to making some highly destructive warp-capable torpedoes. These should be effective against very heavy and cumbersome ships, and maybe also some of the lighter ships that are caught with their warp power recharging.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to go for a less-than-one-year interval for future updates.

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